WoofstockUK 2015

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

It is only a couple of weeks until me, Mom and Charlie pack the car for our long journey down to Dorset, for the biggest date on our summer calendar this year, WoofstockUK. I am very excited to be going this year, as last time Mom left me and Charlie at home and went by herself!

I should point out that WoofstockUK is an event for dogs. wpid-img_20150804_161255.jpg

It is for dogs, about dogs, and is even hosted by a dog, Spaniel Harry, who is a bit of a superstar. He did a fine job last year, the very first WoofstockUK, so I am very excited to be making the trip this August. There will be lots of stalls selling doggy things, dog shows, and classes, demonstrations, and lots of food and drink stalls.

I shall definitely be entering the ‘fastest sausage eating contest’!! I am a dead cert…

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The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

It’s a funny old world. Things happen that you don’t expect, sometimes things change forever yet some things stay the same. Some words can be rewritten, others carved in stone.

Life’s like a box of chocolates
As Forrest Gump once said
You take a chance, make a choice
Sleep where you’ve made your bed.

Sometimes you can rewind life,
And have a second go
To have another try at things
Might work, you never know.

Like stuffie toys, bits missing
Can be fixed good as new
Never quite the same again
But if they squeak, they’ll do.

Some flowers in the garden
Looking lovely till we play
Get trampled, and look awful
But bloom again one day.

But sausages, once eaten
Can’t come back anymore
You have to get some new ones
That’s what the shops are for.

So work out what’s repairable
And throw out what is not

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#HoundsTakeCannock 2015

A great day out

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

I went to Cannock Chase on Sunday for a meet up with lots of other houndies, most of whom I talk with on Twitter! It was a lovely day out.

We had to leave early as it is quite a long drive from my house, but it was definitely worth it. We took Charlie along too although I was a bit worried that some of my friends wouldn’t like him because he was about the same size as a rabbit.


When we arrived and got out of the car, we saw lots of familiar faces. I went to say hello happily but Mom carried Charlie at first, just in case he got into trouble.

Charlie yapped a lot.

Dad held onto his lead while I said hello to all of my friends. I nose nudged Ozzy the “honorary hound”, SpongeCake, Robbie, Millie and lots of others. Oscar the Spaniel was…

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Doggy Yoga

Stay flexible with these super moves from my luffly cousin Bella 🐶

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

It is true that, as a greyhound, I am not very bendy, but I have been practising my doggy yoga. Why don’t you join me? Lets get fit together.

Before you start you must always do some stretches.


The first one to try is the Dying Fly. I found this one quite easy.


But if you find it hard to balance, then try some back support, the sofa is quite good for this.


When you have mastered this one, it is time to try the Head Stand. This is a bit more difficult. I haven’t quite perfected it yet.


Keeping your central core flexible is achieved with the Tummy Twist. You will need a chair to support your back.


This might look easy but can go disastrously wrong. Like this. So be careful.


If you are finding these quite difficult, then start with something gentler. A really easy one is…

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Ode to a Sausage

A doggy after me own heart x

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

My name is Bella Greyhound
And I just made up a rhyme.
I would like for you to read it
If you’ve got a little time.

I am a sausage fan and
I am not afraid to say
That it would make me happy
If I had one every day.

I don’t mind if the sausage
Is made out of pork or beef
Cos they both go down quite easy
When I chews them with my teef.

I rather like the posh ones
And the cocktail ones are great,
The ones I had at Christmas
Were the best I ever ate.

Hot or cold don’t matter
As I likes them either way,
So please give me a sausage
Cos I aint had one today.


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